DuBOIS — Though there is still snow on the ground — and Punxsutawney Phil predicted six more weeks of winter is still to come — it will be prom time before high school students know it.

And this year will mark the first time that the DuBois Area High School prom will be held somewhere other than the gym. It is going to be held Saturday, May 19, at the DuBois Country Club.

“We just have had a decline in help as far as decorating and so on,” said co-advisor Denise Sloan, noting that co-advisor Heidi Shindledecker felt it was time to move the prom somewhere else.

It takes about a week to transform the gym into a beautiful room for prom, Sloan said.

“It all had to be done after school,” Shindledecker said. “And the kids just had so many other commitments with spring sports and they work.”

“It was also getting very expensive to transform a gym into a room,” Sloan said. “The material that we would use to lower the ceilings and make walls. The junior class pays for the fundraising.”

The prom committee, made up of juniors, does all the work for the senior class.

“We reached out to the country club to make sure that they could accommodate us first, and they were very helpful and excited to work with us,” Shindledecker said. “Once we had that established, and we had a budget to take back to the kids. We brought it to them, and they unanimously voted in committee. We polled the junior and senior classes, and they voted overwhelmingly to move it.”

“I think it’s going to be a lot better for pictures, and it’s a prettier place,” said prom committee member and junior Kelli Hoffer.

Junior Prom Committee Member Alaina Heberling agreed.

“We’re in there a lot for gym classes. To have the dance in there, it still feels nice, but to actually go somewhere, it definitely feels a lot nicer and more formal,” said Heberling.

“I’m always a fan of firsts,” said Junior Prom Committee Member Jake Butterfuss. “I think this is a great opportunity to host at, not only a different venue, but this place is brand new. They redid everything. I think it’s going to be great.”

Though there may still be some decorating to do, it will be much less, Sloan said.

“The room is just pretty as it is,” said Sloan.

No prom theme has yet been selected yet.

Prom is normally a well-attended event, Butterfuss said.

“We already predominantly get most of the juniors to go. I think it will also encourage kids that didn’t want to go in the past. It’s a new place, so it’ll be really exciting,” Butterfuss said.

Sloan said the time of the prom will remain the same, from 8-11 p.m.

“We’re not going to feed them dinner there,” Sloan said. “We get probably between around 450 kids attending, and that’s just a lot of kids to sit down and have dinner. We’re still going to let them do dinner on their own.”

Plus, they wanted to keep ticket prices about the same. If not the same, the increase will be minimal, maybe a $5 increase.

The opportunity for pictures at the DuBois Country Club is very good, Sloan said.

“They go there anyway to get their pictures taken beforehand, and they go in front of the Tannery, or down to the gazebo,” Sloan said.

Sloan said she has been helping the prom committee for 29 years and said she’s ready to try something new.

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