Many senior citizens are forgotten during the holiday season.

But, once again, the Clearfield County Area Agency on Aging Inc. and the Clearfield Borough Police Department are partnering to create “Giving Trees” for area elderly, Terry Khoury, CCAAA coordinator of Mission Advancement and Public Relations said at the recent Downtown DuBois Revitalization Group’s Coffee and Commerce meeting in DuBois.

“There’s always a lot for children this time of year, which is a great thing, but a lot of folks forget about all the seniors that are sitting around, very cold and lonely in their homes,” said Khoury.

“What we do with all the folks that qualify for services through the Area Agency on Aging, our care managers will, at the beginning of November, they’ll give me wish lists. We make tags, and then they go on the trees. And the folks have been really quite generous.”

“One woman, she’s 67 and just wants a gift card from Ruby Tuesday’s. And some of them want warm socks. I had a guy this year who wanted a salt lick,” said Khoury. “I mean, just really different things, and things that, you know, they can’t purchase on their own. And a lot of these folks that we deal with don’t have family or anything around. And so, for them to get a Christmas gift, it means a lot.”

Giving Trees started about four years ago with the Clearfield Police Department.

“Some of the officers had been out in the community around the holidays, and noticed that the seniors were really struggling and very lonely and didn’t have a tree, didn’t even have a gift, or no one to visit,” Khoury said. “And so they came to us and said, ‘How do we try to fix this?’”

Occasionally, there are requests for larger items, like beds.

“Last year, we got a gentleman a bed for ... he hadn’t had a bed in a long, long, long time, And we got him a bed for Christmas,” said Khoury.

Tags are hung at the Clearfield Pharmacy and the Clearfield CVS through today.

The giving tree will offer the needs of many senior citizens around the area. Individuals are welcome to take a card, purchase and wrap the needed items on the card, and drop off the items and the card at either the Clearfield Borough police station or the Clearfield County Area Agency on Aging Inc., both located on North Front Street, Clearfield.

Khoury also mentioned that the agency is also selling its lottery calendars for $25.

“It makes a nice Christmas gift, because like in 365 lottery tickets, so any given day you possibly could win,” Khoury said. They are available at the Parkside Community Center in DuBois.

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