Bill Tangren, Jeff Tech’s school police officer, works at the school Thursday.

REYNOLDSVILLE — Jeff Tech vocational-technical school considers its school police officer to be an invaluable resource. Now, the school has been approved for a $40,000 grant to pay for the salary expenses of the officer.

Recently, Jeff Tech was among the 2017-18 school police/school resource officer grant awardees announced by the Pennsylvania Department of Education.

Jeff Tech Administrative Director Barry Fillman said the grant is “extremely helpful.”

“We are all looking for ways to fund all of the services that provide for education,” he said, when asked for comment. “Safety and security are paramount for education. We have been very fortunate to continue to fund the SPO position by these means.”

“We are very grateful. It is wonderful that the state puts the same value on the safety and security of our students as we do.”

According to Fillman, Jeff Tech was informed of the grant award Nov. 17 by the Office of Safe Schools.

On Dec. 7, the school’s joint operating committee will vote on accepting the grant at its monthly meeting.

Fillman said the item will be on the meeting agenda.

Jeff Tech’s school police officer is Bill Tangren.

“He is a remarkable example of the difference that an SPO can make,” Fillman said. “He is routinely proactive and an extremely knowledgeable resource. However, it is his positive contributions to school culture that mean the most to our students and staff. He clearly roots for the best in our young adults and forms lasting relationships with them as a trusted adult in their lives. There is no way to quantify what this has meant to all of us.”

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