Greater DuBois Area Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Jodi August is shown with a sample Monopoly game which will be customized to showcase the Greater DuBois Area and be called Greater DuBois-Opoly. Business members are invited to be a part of this special fundraising project.

DuBOIS — Area businesses are invited to be a part of a game that celebrates the Greater DuBois area — Greater DuBois-Opoly.

The Greater DuBois Area Chamber of Commerce has announced the new fundraiser, a custom-made Monopoly game specifically showcasing the Greater DuBois area, said Executive Director Jodi August.

More than 40 opportunities are available for the Chamber’s business members, August said.

“Many Chamber business members have already purchased game spaces, game pieces, and pre-ordered games,” said August.

If a business has a logo or represents something that would make a game piece, there are six opportunities for game pieces.

For firms involved in banking or finance, the Chamber has denominations of money available for them to sponsor. If someone wants to have a “forever space” on the front of the game box, there are six opportunities for business photos.

This fundraiser will help the Chamber acquire a new database, an app for Smartphones and a new website.

“Any support that we get from this would be phenomenal,” August said, “because those are really important things to our members. So that’s our overall goal with this fundraising project, but really we just want to showcase our area.”

In November, August said Penn State DuBois students worked on three projects for the Chamber.

“The three projects that they worked on were a destination event, which we’re planning to do next year, a food festival,” August said, “and they worked on an indoor water park, an indoor sports complex study, which I’m looking for investors right now because the plan is ready, and there’s a lot of developed property that can be developed here, so if just find the right investors we can move forward with that.”

The Chamber wanted to customize the Monopoly game for the Greater DuBois Area, she said.

“We did see that other Chambers did it with high success,” August said.

“As soon as we have all of the spaces sold, which we think is going to happen quickly, we will submit it to Leap for the Sky, which is a company we are using,” August said. “They will send us a proof. I am hoping the proof would be back in our office by June. We want to have all 500 manufactured games back by September so we can sell them from September throughout the holidays. We will be charging $25 a game. It will be called Great Dubois-opoly.”

Pre-orders are being accepted from business members who want 25 or more.

“We are excited for the project. We think our business members are going to be excited about being part of a special project and something that showcases our Greater DuBois area,” August said.

To be a part of the project, call the Chamber at 814-371-5010, or email dacc@duboispachamber.com.

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