PUNXSUTAWNEY — Punxsutawney Phil has been up to a lot more than just predicting the weather this year.

People all around the world have submitted their creative “photobombed” Phil pictures to the Punxsutawney Groundhog Club throughout 2018, taking him just about everywhere they went.

For six years, the PGC has held the “Worldwide Adventures of Phil” competition, asking people to submit photos that incorporate Punxsutawney Phil into whatever state, country or scenery they’re in. The PGC has been posting and streaming the pictures on its website and Facebook page for Phil fans to enjoy.

The PGC aims to do many things leading up to Groundhog Day on Feb. 2, said Executive Director Katie Donald, in order to encourage website participation and show the vast array of Phil’s fanbase.

“One of the main purposes of these events is to get people involved and excited about Groundhog Day,” said PGC Executive Director Katie Donald. “It also provides them with reasons to search through the Groundhog website. There is a lot of great material and information provided on there.”

The first place winner in the international category took Phil to Cape Town in South Africa. A hand is pictured holding the weather-telling rodent’s picture on top of a mountain, overlooking the town and ocean below.

Phil experienced all types of weather during this competition. He traveled to Mexico, the Indian Ocean, a college campus in Kentucky, a goat farm in Wisconsin and even Melbourne, Australia, where a fan took his picture with a kangaroo.

Some other competitors had him in Bermuda and poking around Mount Everest. Phil backpacked for a 630-mile, three-month walk in England this summer, too. Most recently, he was seen accompanying a pilot during a flight in the blue sky.

To get a recap of Phil’s full adventure, visit www.groundhog.org/news/worldwide-adventures.

The preliminary schedule and travel guide for the 2019 Groundhog Day extravaganza has been posted to www.groundhog.org.

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