DuBOIS — A DuBois woman is keeping tails wagging and animal owners worry free through a local pet sitting business.

Happy Tails Pet Sitting Service — a petsitting and dog walking business serving DuBois, Falls Creek, Treasure Lake, Reynoldsville and Brockway — is giving pet owners comfort knowing their furry friends are in safe hands while they’re away.

Nicole Powers of DuBois is also co-owner of Nicole’s Niche, a formal wear shop downtown. By her mid-twenties, she has already become an entrepreneur, helping to run two local businesses.

Happy Tails started was started about five years ago, but just started picking up speed within the past couple years, Powers said. It all began through her passion and love for animals.

Many people have full-time jobs and other obligations, while still wanting to have a pet at home — which is where Happy Tails comes in.

“Anyone who knows me knows I’m an animal person,” she said. “Everyone always tries to find something they’re passionate about — something that makes them feel like that have a purpose and be excited to wake up in the morning. That’s what this job does for me.”

She considered many other career avenues involving animals, including veterinary work and grooming, but decided there was a need for this particular kind of business.

“So many people love the idea of their pet being able to stay in their home without worrying,” Powers said. “It’s been my calling since I was young, and I couldn’t be more blessed with it.”

Each week varies as far as clients, she said. Sometimes there will be more than 20 dogs, whereas others there will be five. Powers offers “spot visits” which are dog walks along with playtime, feeding, litter scooping and bathroom breaks for the animals. She will even stay overnight with them.

Juggling two businesses has been challenging at times, but well worth it, Powers said. “It has been amazing, (and) a little difficult with people taking me seriously with my age and experience,” she said. “But, I take my jobs very seriously, and I have sacrificed a lot of my free time working them.”

Powers has two dogs herself, five-year-old German Shepherd Rocco and four-year-old German Shorthair Pointer Kona.

“They make my life so much better just by being in it,” she said. “They are my children, and I’d honestly be lost without them.”

Rocco was the inspiration for Happy Tails.

“I hated leaving him to go to work, and then I realized, what if I could spend every day with animals?” she said. “Some people thought it was silly to try to make a living off of dog walking and pet sitting, but you would be surprised how much this area needs this.”

It’s important for people to realize they can still be a good pet owner, even if they sometimes have to leave for a night or go on vacation or work extra hours, she said.

Referencing the phrase “a tired dog is a good dog,” Powers says ensuring your pet has the proper amount of exercise is good for both the owner and the animal. Another perk is ensuring the home itself stays secure while the owner or family is gone.

“A pet sitter can benefit you and your pet so much more than you think,” she said. “We can watch your home while you’re away, and your dog doesn’t have to leave the comfort of their home. That way you can truly relax when you’re at work or on vacation.”

Happy Tails is fully insured and can provide references, Powers said. They offer free “meet and greets” before the job starts, and often host giveaways through the business’ Facebook page.

For more information, call or text 814-541-2315 or visit the Happy Tails Pet Sitting Service Facebook page.

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