Harvey's store pic

Pictured is the inside of Harvey's Country Cupboard in Big Run.

BIG RUN — Harvey’s Country Cupboard owner Katie Harvey has a passion for bringing awareness to the Big Run community and its businesses.

HCC, a country convenience store, deli and bakery on West Main Street, is just one of the many businesses tourists and locals may not know about.

Big Run is often a place that people “drive right through,” Harvey says. It’s also a hub for several Amish businesses.

“This is a small town,” Harvey said. “There’s something comforting about that. Everyone should be able to work together.”

The first Big Run Tinsel Tour was held Dec. 14 and 15, offering several Christmas-related activities for children, families and shoppers throughout the town. The hosted offerings, such as Breakfast with Santa, a reindeer hunt and decorating contest. Harvey, as well as the Big Run Area Volunteer Fire Company, spearheaded the event.

Since the Tinsel Tour brought in a good turnout, Harvey hopes to see it become an annual occurrence, add to it each year, and hopefully create more small-town events to bring people into town.

Annual events also help connect the community, Harvey says. At some point, she hopes to organize a “Quickie Walk,” where people can walk around to area businesses.

Harvey’s Country Cupboard will be offering some sort of special for Groundhog Day festivities, as well as Valentine’s Day treats and gift items, Harvey said.

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