Huston Twp. looking for new supervisor

An announcement was made this week that Huston Township will be looking for a new supervisor. Supervisor Vice Chairman Douglas E. Kalgren II, left, sits at the supervisors’ table beside Supervisor Chairwoman Nellie Bundy, right.

PENFIELD – With the new year, Huston Township will be looking for a new supervisor.

Supervisor chairwoman Nellie Bundy spoke about the matter at this week’s township supervisors’ meeting.

“I would like to make the announcement that we’re going to be looking for a supervisor come Jan. 1,” she said. “So, if anybody is interested, we’d appreciate it if they’d turn in a piece of paper saying so.” She said the deadline is Dec. 29.

The supervisor will be needed as supervisor vice chairman Douglas E. Kalgren II won two seats in the fall municipal election, a six-year supervisor seat and a two-year supervisor seat, according to Dawn Graham, director of elections for Clearfield County.

“As far as we’re concerned, he’s the winner of both seats,” she said.

Kalgren will be getting a certificate of election for both seats. However, Graham noted, Kalgren can only be sworn in for one of the seats, so he will have to select one.

“He’s going to have to choose,” she said.

As a result, a vacancy will be created in one of the seats, she said.

Graham noted that it will be the township’s responsibility to fill the vacant seat.

Official election results show that Kalgren tallied 194 votes for the six-year seat. In the race for the two-year seat, he received 95 votes. There were 124 write-in votes, but Graham said Kalgren still won the seat.

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