Opening bids

At the Huston Township supervisors’ meeting this week, supervisor chairman Nellie Bundy opens bids for the 1992 GMC Topkick white truck.

By Eric Hrin

PENFIELD — Bids for the sale of a township truck drove the discussion at the last Huston Township supervisors’ meeting.

During the regular monthly meeting, supervisor chairwoman Nellie Bundy opened the bids for the 1992 GMC Topkick white truck.

They were as follows: Chad Lilley, $3,251; Gilbert Buerk, $1,300; and Carney Cataldo, $1,112.13.

Supervisors then discussed whether to sell it, given the price of the bids. Bundy commented that she didn’t think the bids sounded too good.

“What do you think it’s worth?” Supervisor Cynthia Smith asked.

“Depends on how bad you want it, and how bad we want to get rid of it,” Bundy replied.

“I say sell it,” Smith said. “You’re not going to use it. It’s a 1992.”

Bundy said there was no place to store the vehicle.

“That’s another thing,” Smith commented.

Supervisor Vice Chairman Douglas E. Kalgren II offered a different opinion, however.

“My vote is to keep it,” he said.

“For $3,200, I don’t know,” he added. “But like she said, too, it’s a 1992...”

In the end, supervisors voted to accept the $3,251 bid for the sale of the truck, with Bundy and Smith voting yes and Kalgren voting no.

Zito Media increase

Bundy announced that Zito Media is increasing its 2018 rates by $3.

Petition for judicial sale

Bundy said there was a petition for judicial sale of a house at 110 Modafarre Road.

“There’s a house that’s almost falling apart, and it’s going up for sale, because nobody wants it,” she said. “There’s no relatives, nobody. It’s been sitting there for a long, long time.”

Bridge inspection

Bundy said the Munn Bridge inspection was due in October.

There wasn’t any information about the results of the inspection.

PennSafe permits

Supervisors approved PennSafe inspection permits for Todd and Amanda Bomberger for a deck with a roof and the demolition of a trailer.

Roadmaster report

The roadmaster report for October was made available. The following work was reported:

  • A cross drain was replaced on Tyler Road
  • Leaves were cleaned from inlets and trees were cut after a storm
  • A snow fence was installed along Hickory Road
  • Three French mattresses and 2A stone was installed on Tannery Drive (A French mattress is a structure under a road consisting of clean coarse rock wrapped in geotextile fabric through which water can pass freely. French mattresses are used in extremely
  • wet areas to support the roadbed while allowing unrestricted water movement.)
  • A French mattress was installed on Church Street
  • Various work on the International 7300 and the Ford F-550
  • The spreader on the Chevrolet 1 ton was prepared for winter
  • A bed was installed and a larger plow was prepared on the International 7400
  • The plow was installed on the grader.

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