REYNOLDSVILLE — Jeff Tech vocational technical school has hired its instructor for the new Diesel Mechanic and Heavy Equipment program beginning this fall.

Mike Keener of Rochester Mills plans on sharing his instructional and technical knowledge and background with Jeff Tech students in the upcoming school year.

Construction of a new Diesel Mechanic and Heavy Equipment program building began on May 14, and is targeted to be finished Aug. 17, just before the fall semester begins, said JT Administrative Director Barry Fillman.

Keener says he plans on touching on many things in class, such as engines and how they work, servicing machines and repairing them and small components that run on diesel fuel.

“As they progress through the years, they’ll come from starting out with little engines to us showing them a big engine or pickup truck isn’t much different,” he said.

Two semi trucks have been donated to Jeff Tech, and he hopes to get a pickup truck, too, Keener said.

“Throughout the time they start until they end, we’ll be talking about how to service big trucks, and the components and verifications,” he said.

Keener also attended a technical school, and has worked on cars and road trucks for many years. He taught in automotive and high performance program at Wyotech for 10 years, where they worked on building and working on race car engines, and he spent six months teaching in the heavy duty diesel program there as well.

Keener said he is confident in Jeff Tech’s resources and program plan. He is eager to see it get off the ground and contribute to the students.

“I am excited to see how it’s going to go,” he said. “It will be challenging, but it will be fun, too.”

A larger building was needed at Jeff Tech for larger machinery, since the program aims to utilize light diesel and construction equipment. Students will work hands-on with all types of machines, including tractor trailers, bulldozers and large-scale generators.

Fillman said Keener’s technical teaching experience will be a great boost to the new program.

“In discussing the program with him, I am certain that the direction he has planned will provide students with a great career prospects when they are finished,” he said. “His connections in the industry will further the preparedness and networking opportunities the students in the Diesel and Heavy Equipment program will attain.”

The Diesel Mechanic and Heavy Equipment program will begin in late August for the fall semester, or mid January for the spring semester on an annual basis. For more information, visit or call 814-653-8265.

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