First day of school photo

Students head to class on the first day of school at Jeff Tech in 2018.

REYNOLDSVILLE — Jeff Tech (Jefferson County Vocational Technical School) opened its doors to area districts and community members for a recruitment fair Wednesday.

Administrative Director Barry Fillman said there are two evenings each year when the school is open for the public to “come and explore” Jeff Tech.

The majority of people who attend are eighth graders from districts that send them, Fillman said, and their parents. Recruitment fairs are held following the eighth grade tours, Fillman said, to ensure parents can follow up with their students.

Anyone considering post-secondary opportunities like Licensed Practical Nursing, or any day-time programs, can benefit from attending or inquiring about the school.

The eighth grade tours were different this year in that students could spend the entire day at Jeff Tech, Fillman says.

“They were able to more fully experience the areas they had the most interest in, and get more of an idea of what they would do in the career field if they attend,” he said. “We are happy to be able to facilitate more informed decision making on the students’ behalf.”

Principal Melissa Mowry said the fairs are vital when it comes to the school educating parents and community members about opportunities for high school and adult students.

“Recruitment fairs allow parents and community members to see the school, talk to the instructors and ask questions about career and technical education,” she said. “The decrease in the local skilled labor workforce is a concern for employers and the community’s economic growth and development.

“Jeff Tech can provide the local workforce with trained employees with the skills needed to address current workforce trends. It balances our students’ career and technical training with rigorous academics allowing for future educational opportunities.”

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