BROOKVILLE — Jefferson County voters want to see the Republicans stay in control at the federal and state level according to the ballots cast.

More than 50 percent of the registered voters turned out to the polling sites across Jefferson County Tuesday. A total of 15,153 people, of the 29,809 registered voters cast their ballots in the General Election.

Officials at several Jefferson County polling places said this was the largest turnout they have seen in years.

Close to noon on Election Day, poll workers at the Falls Creek Volunteer Fire Department said the Falls Creek turnout has been “very good.”

Punxsutawney poll workers at the Lindsey Fire Company on West Mahoning Street called their daily turnout “tremendous,” adding that they saw many “new” faces show up to cast their votes this year.


Republican challenger Scott Wagner and Jeff Bartos received 10,688 votes or 71.02 percent of the votes compared to incumbent Gov. Tom Wolf and John Fetterman who received just 27.29 percent of the votes or 4,107 votes.

Libertarian candidates Ken V. Krawchuk, who was running for governor, and Kathleen S. Smith received just over 1 percent of the votes with 163 ballots cast for the pair. The Green Party received just 0.54 percent of the vote (82) for its candidates Paul Glover and Jocolyn Bowser-Bostick.


Republican Rep. Lou Barletta received 10,507 votes or 69.88 percent of the votes compared to incumbent U.S. Sen. Bob Casey. Casey received just 28.37 percent of the votes (4,265).

Libertarian candidate Dale R. Kerns Jr. garnered slightly more than 1 percent with 165 votes while Green Party candidate Neal Gale received 0.63 percent of the vote (94 votes).


Incumbent Rep. Glenn Thompson has Jefferson County’s vote to represent Pennsylvania’s 15th District. Thompson took 78.54 percent of the ballots with 11,810 votes. Democratic challenger Susan Boser received 21.39 percent of the votes or 3,217.

The newly designed 15th District encompasses a similar area to the former 5th District, while the 5th District now encompasses part of the greater Philadelphia area.

The 15th Congressional District encompasses all of Clearfield, Jefferson and Elk counties; as well as Forest, Venango, Warren, McKean, Cameron, Clarion, Armstrong, and parts of Centre, Indiana, Cambria and Butler counties.


In the race for Pennsylvania House of Representatives in the 66th District, incumbent state Rep. Cris Dush received 79.53 percent of the vote or 11,961 votes. His challenger, Kerith Strano Taylor received 20.35 percent of the votes or 3,060.

The 66th District encompasses Jefferson County and part of Indiana County.

The county has 79.81 percent of its voters choosing to cast straight party ballots. Those counts were Republicans, 79.81 percent of the voters or 7,112 votes; Democrats, 19.64 percent of the voters or 1,750 votes; Libertarian, 0.36 percent or 32 votes; and Green Party, 0.19 percent or 17 votes.

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