Donna Cooper recycling

Donna Cooper, director of the Jefferson County Solid Waste Authority, gets rid of old newspapers in a recycling bin.

BROOKVILLE — Donna Cooper of the Jefferson County Solid Waste Authority approached the Jefferson County Commissioners during the meeting Tuesday to share how the electronic disposal event went, and to discuss funding cuts.

Cooper said the household hazardous waste collection had 162 cars come through, and collected 27,300 pounds of waste. She said the “shocker” is that 11,000 pounds of this was just old CRTs, or cathode-ray tubes used to create an image on a number of electrical devices.

“Of course those are the CRTs that have a lot of hazardous waste in them, so we’re getting those out and getting them disposed of properly,” Cooper said.

She also said the next hazardous waste collection is already scheduled for Sept. 11, and the link to register is already available on the website,

The authority also received a recycling grant from the Department of Environmental Protection, which will be used for public education.

“We’re also still getting back into schools to do more worm composting, so that’s always fun to get in with the kids because they love the worms,” Cooper said.

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The authority is also repairing the newspaper recycling sheds, because many of them are in bad shape, according to Cooper.

She also took the opportunity to mention that the state government has removed $50 million from the recycling fund. According to Cooper, the money was moved to balance last year’s budget, and said the recycling fund was not the only special account money was taken from.

“Since 1999, they’ve taken over $200 million out of that account, and that’s not going to bode well for funds for recycling. It’s not going to impact us this year, but it’s definitely going to impact us next year,” Cooper said.

She encouraged the public to talk to politicians and ask them to not remove any more money from the recycling fund.

“We want to keep Jefferson County recycling going, those grants are really important,” Cooper said.

The authority has already reached out to Rep. Brian Smith and Sen. Cris Dush, as they try to keep them up to date on what the impacts are.

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