REYNOLDSVILLE — Firefighters from the Reynoldsville Fire Department are visiting Jefferson County schools this week, educating little ones on fire prevention and safety.

The volunteer firefighters will visit Jeff Tech’s Creative Garden Preschool and Learning Center on Thursday, and Jefferson County Head Start on Friday. They also will be stopping at CG Johnson Elementary School Oct. 19, said RFD Chief Darren Scolese.

Fire Prevention Week 2018 started Sunday and will last through Saturday. A large part of its mission is to educate the public, and local youth, on fire safety tips and prevention. This year’s campaign is “Look, Listen, Learn and Be Aware — a fire can happen anywhere.”

By visiting area schools and letting the students see the firetrucks and tools, fire officials hope to familiarize youth with firefighters and first responders, Scolese said.

“We always felt that as firefighters, we want the kids to trust us, and not be scared of us when something happens,” Scolese said. “We need them to know that we are here to help them.”

The firemen give the children safety tips they can understand, such as not to hide in a closet or under a bed where they could potentially be trapped, and to have more than one way out of a structure, Scolese said.

“We want them to be prepared and be ready, and know that we will be there in case something does happen.”

Elk County

The Ridgway Fire Department held an Open House event on Wednesday, welcoming the public into its North Broad Street facility. Children and families enjoyed firetruck rides, goodie bags and cake and refreshments, as well as educational resources.

The RFD has about 166 all-volunteer members, operating from four stations, according to its website. One of the main parts of its mission is to prevent fires and safety hazards through education, engineering and inspection efforts in the community.

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