FALLS CREEK — DuBois Regional Airport fuel sales increased in 2018 from the previous year’s statistics, according to airport Manager Bob Shaffer.

Jet A Airlines sales are up from last year with the deal the Clearfield-Jefferson Counties Airport Authority worked out with Southern Airways, Shaffer said at the recent meeting of the authority.

For the month of November, the airport sold 11,024 gallons versus 7,460 gallons last November 2017. For the month of December, the airport sold 12,602 in 2018 versus 8,347 in 2017.

A total of 131,556 gallons of Jet A was sold to the airlines in 2018 versus 91,810 sold in 2017, Shaffer said.

Shaffer reviewed the 100LL sales for the month of November 623 gallons were sold and 298 gallons were sold for the month of December versus 553 gallons sold in December 2017. For a total of 9,091 gallons sold for the 2018 year versus 11,639 sold for year 2017.

Jet A retail sales were down for the month of November in 2018 with 875 gallons sold and 759 gallons sold in December versus 1,643 gallons sold in November in 2017 and 1,619 gallons sold for December 2018.

The Jet A retail for the year was 19,381 for 2018 versus 25,039 for year 2017, Shaffer said. It was noted by authority member Jay Chamberlin that is a 22 percent decrease in the fuel sales in 2018 over 2017.

Shaffer noted that airline passengers for November 2018 was 416 outbound passengers. During this time in 2017, there were only 363. In December 2018, Shaffer said there were 499 passengers compared to 392 in 2017. The total outbound passengers for the year 2018 were 5,167 versus 3,658 for 2017.

Chamberlin said that is about a 41 percent increase in outbound passengers. Shaffer said there were 145 airline landings in November 2018 and 163 landings in December 2018. There was 1,875 airline landings for 2018 versus 1,492 in 2017.

Shaffer said there were 385 inbound passengers and 416 outbound passengers and 41 cancelled inbound flights for November 2018. He said there were 454 inbound passengers and 499 outbound passengers and five inbound canceled flights for December 2018.

Shaffer also said that the American Airlines travel was 28 percent and Southwest Airline was 25 percent in November 2018. In December 2018, American Airlines was 39 percent and Southwest was23 percent.

Shaffer said it seems passengers are taking advantage of the baggage interline agreement that Southern has with American Airlines.

Shaffer also said Southern continues to show reliability and on time performance with the passenger growth from 2017 to 2018.

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