Elks Citizen of the Year

Jeri Armagost, left, presents Kim McDonald with a certificate for being named the Reynoldsville Elks Lodge Citizen of the Year for her dedication to the local area.

REYNOLDSVILLE — Kim McDonald has been named the Reynoldsville Elks Lodge Citizen of the Year, being recognized by the organization as a major contributor to both the Reynoldsville and DuBois communities.

Jeri Armagost was once again the exalted ruler, and having worked with McDonald over the last year, has seen first hand her attitude and dedication to the surrounding community.

“I chose her because of Kim’s commitment, not only to her family and her employees, but also to the betterment of our community. Her commitment is exemplary,” Armagost said.

McDonald is the owner of the State Farm Insurance office in DuBois, and has called the Reynoldsville area home her entire life.

“I did not even know about it until I got the award. I had no idea, I couldn’t believe I had been awarded that. I didn’t have any knowledge that it was coming or that anybody have even noticed. I felt very honored,” McDonald said. “I just do these things as normal everyday routine things.”

She grew up in the Paradise area outside of Reynoldsville, moved to the Beechwoods area for about six years, before moving back to her family's farm and building her home there about 20 years ago. McDonald graduated from DuBois Business College before going to work as an insurance agent locally.

“I have never left the area, and there’s no plan for me ever to,” McDonald said. “I’m from Reynoldsville, I want to help out Reynoldsville, I have an office in DuBois, so I want to help out DuBois.”

She has been a local insurance agent since 1993 after starting as an independent agent. After 13 years, she went to work for the local State Farm agency, and worked her way up to being the team leader. She went through the process of opening her own office about four years ago.

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A few of the ways she contributes in the community are by supporting local school and sports teams, helping with the Sunny 106 Kids in the Community program, and making donations to things such as the Shane Horner Memorial Run and working with the Relay for Life.

McDonald’s children went to school in Reynoldsville and DuBois and she was always a homeroom mom for one or both of them.

“I’m a big supporter of everything in the community, and opening my own office has given me that opportunity,” McDonald said.

She said when COVID-19 hit last year, she was able to obtain some additional funding through State Farm that she used to help out the Parkside Community Center to pay for some meals for seniors. She also takes donations in her office lobby for the BigFoot Cleats for Kids program, and anyone can stop in to donate, or get some of the items for their children’s sports.

She also said that sometimes she will see someone on Facebook having a bad day, and will try to do something small to help them. She will often order lunch for her staff, or send lunch to other businesses as a nice gesture.

McDonald also tries to share as much as she can on social media when local organizations need help, and spread information about them when she can.

“My husband and I are going to be here forever, and if I can help out with something, I’m going to, whether it be something simple or monetary,” McDonald said.

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