The Sandy Township Planning Commission, at Tuesday’s meeting, approved a revised land development plan for a crematory at the Adamson Funeral Chapel, 1312 Chestnut Ave.

Township Zoning Officer Jim Keck said Geotech Engineering Inc. submitted the plan on behalf of Adamson Funeral Chapel. He said Dennis Adamson, owner of the funeral chapel, proposes the addition of a 30 foot by 50 foot crematory and a 40 foot by 40 foot reception hall.

The reception hall will require an additional 20 parking spaces per township code, said Keck. The existing funeral home requires 40 parking spaces. The total required parking spaces under the township code is 60; total parking spaces shown on the revised plan is 62. The property is zoned commercial.

Keck also said the storm water management plan has been submitted, reviewed and approved. The source is probably going to require additional sewage planning and approval by the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection.

It was noted that an air quality permit will be required from the DEP for the crematory.

The planning commission approved the revised plan contingent on the issuance of the air quality permit.

In other matters, the planning commission also approved a lot consolidation request submitted by Applegate Services Inc. on behalf of Michael C. Blose for the property located in Treasure Lake, Section 15, Lots 54 and 55 and forward to the supervisors for their action.

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