WOODLAND — Residents attended Tuesday’s Bradford Township Supervisors meeting to express concern about letters they recently received concerning revisions to the township’s voting precincts.

Bradford Township is divided into two precincts, Bradford Township First Precinct and Bradford Township Second Precinct.

Secretary Karen Fulmer said some township residents said they received communications from the Clearfield County Election Office asking them to change the location of the polling place where they previously cast their ballots.

Fulmer related that the residents attending the meeting said they were unsure about why the changes are being made now, and when they begin.

Supervisors encouraged the residents to attend the Clearfield County Commissioners meeting on Tuesday, Feb. 13 at 10 a.m. to voice their concerns.

Clearfield County Director of Voter Registration Donna Bumbarger said Thursday in a telephone interview that officials in the county election office have been looking at the physical addresses of Bradford Township residents along with the remainder of the county to ensure residents are voting in the correct polling places.

“We are now able to physically figure out where the rural areas of the township are. We have found a number of people who are casting their ballots in the wrong precincts. Now that residents have street addresses, we are able to look at them and determine where they should be voting,” Bumbarger said.

She said Bradford Township is not the only township being reviewed, although the municipalities with more than one polling places are more affected. She said all of Clearfield County is being examined and Bradford Township is not being singled out.

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