BROCKWAY — Peter Varischetti stopped by the Brockway Borough Council’s regular meeting Thursday to update the council on a new initiative.

“Brockway has something special,” Varischetti said. “Not too many places have a trout stream running through town, rails-to-trails, and parks nearby. We need to fully realize the recreational assets of this area.”

Varischetti told the council about the Brockway Recreational Revitalization Plan he has been working on with several stakeholders in the area. The idea is to have the Herbert, Rowland, and Grubic (HRG) civil engineering group work with the community through town halls and surveys to see what the community wants to do with the recreational areas available to it. Over an eight-month period, HRG will gather information and then give a list of improvements.

“It’s really exciting,” Varischetti said, “and will be a tremendous benefit to our residents and visitors.”

Inzana, Turnbull
take oath of office

Mayor Bill Hrinya officiated the oath of office for incoming Councilman Lu Inzana. Inzana is taking over Floyd Work’s term. Hrinya also swore in returning borough health officer Emerson Turnbull.

Fire calls at 16 so far

The volunteer fire department responded to four calls in the borough since the January meeting, 16 for the year.

FEMA grants

It has also applied for two FEMA grants. One is to replace radio equipment first purchased in 2006. This grant includes departments in Jefferson, Clearfield, and Elk counties. The other grant is to replace some fans which were installed decades ago.

Fire Dept. fundraiser

In addition, the department is hosting a fundraising spaghetti dinner to kickstart the Jeffrey Fustine Memorial Scholarship Fund from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Sunday, Feb. 18. The spaghetti and sauce was donated by Del Grosso’s. The scholarship is for Brockway Area Junior-Senior High School seniors who will be going into a field related to emergency service. Another fundraiser going on is the Gun Bash on March 24.

Officer training

The fire department will have a battalion chief from Harrisburg come in to train chiefs, captains, and lieutenants from this area on March 10. This training is designed for areas like Brockway.

Local ambulance
saves nearly $80,000

The Brockway Area Ambulance turned its 2007 ambulance into a 2018 E350 ambulance by taking the back end of the ambulance where the EMTs and the patients ride, refurbishing it, and then putting it on a new chassis. This process saved nearly $80,000, according to Council President Chris “Smoke” Benson. The ambulance is two-wheel drive, but Brockway Ambulance still has two four-wheel-drive ambulances in service.

Student representatives

Student representatives Angelo Inzana and Jordan Faith updated the borough council on events at Brockway Area Junior-Senior High School. This prompted Benson to say that sports events at Brockway are well attended but could be better attended. He pointed out the current basketball season – including Leah Lindemuth scoring her 1,000th career point this past week.

Hrinya also pointed out “the girl singing the National Anthem does a great job.” Faith sings the National Anthem at Brockway sports events.

Young people
in the community

Related to the student representatives and volunteers to fill Work’s position, Benson said that he hopes the community could get more young people involved.

“There are so many things that can be done in the community,” he said. “Young people going to college can come back in the summer and find something to help out with.”

Openings on Rec Board

One area that needs help is the recreation board. The board has two borough-resident openings and one Snyder Township-resident opening.

Lu Inzana said board members tend to do a lot of work at Taylor Memorial Park, so there’s a frequent turnover as members get tired. Anyone who would like to serve on the recreation board should send a letter of interest to the council at the borough building.

Next meeting

The council will meet again Thursday, March 1, at 7 p.m. at the borough building.

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