Sholes and Martini

Pictured are Kristen Sholes and Lesley Martini.

BROCKWAY — Letters sent to local preschools, announcements on the Kaimanns’ sign in town, Brockway TV, messages to elementary parents, and word-of-mouth are how Brockway Area Elementary School gets word out to most parents of future kindergarteners.

Brockway Elementary School Counselor Kristen Sholes and School Nurse Lesley Martini are working hard on making sure every child five years old on or before August 31 has an appointment and gets a chance to see the school before the first day of kindergarten.

Anyone in the district with a child to register should pick up a Kindergarten Registration Packet at the school office February 19-23. Then, the school will schedule appointments March 19-23.

“We try to make the registration appointment fun and exciting for the student,” Sholes said. “We want the students’ and parents’ first experience of school to be a positive one.”

The school has volunteers from Mengle Memorial Public Library greet the students and sign them up for a library card. Parent-Teacher Group volunteers greet the kids and parents, take a photo of the child to be used when the school gives teachers their class lists, and then give a tour of the school.

“The PTG volunteers play huge role in making our registration run smoothly, we couldn’t do this without them,” Sholes said. “And the Mengle Memorial volunteers are wonderful.”

The school puts together a “little goody bag” for each child to take home before they leave.

The appointment is both fun and functional. The registration part happens in the school counselor’s office.

“I complete a screening with the student while their parent or parents go over their registration packet with Lesley,” Sholes said. “During the screening process, I’m briefly assessing the child’s cognitive development, social and emotional development, and physical development of fine and gross motor skills.”

After the screening, parents get a chance to ask questions or share any concerns. Sholes also explains the screening with the parents and gives them information to help prepare their child transition to kindergarten.

“I am super excited,” Sholes said. “This is one of my favorite parts of my job. I love meeting the kids and their families. I enjoy the different personalities we get to meet throughout the week.”

Parents picking up packets can come from 7:30 a.m. until 4 p.m. If there are any additional questions, parents are encouraged to call the school office at 265-8417.

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