BROCKWAY — On a chilly Friday night, Brockway residents gathered along Main Street for a new tradition.

Boy Scout Troop 40 decorated a tree beside American Legion Post 95 in Brockway. The tree was bedecked with ornaments, multi-colored lights, and light-up presents. Organizer April London said that the tradition started because the scouts wanted it.

“One of our scouts is really into Christmas,” London said. “He wanted a parade to the tree lighting.”

The parade began as a Brockway police car escorted decorated jeeps down Main Street. Each jeep had different lights and designs. One of the jeeps pulled a trailer where Santa Claus, played by Charlie Johnson, rode in a sleigh. The Brockway Fire Department concluded the parade.

Santa pulled up alongside the tree and joined London in leading a countdown. The tree was lit to an applause. Santa led the crowd in Christmas carols.

At the end of the songs, the crowd filled the Legion building for hot chocolate and a chance to tell Santa what they want for Christmas.

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London was happy with the size of the crowd. She said there were more people than she expected. The great turnout added to her excitement at starting a new tradition.

“As long as our Boy Scout troop is going, the plan is to keep this going every year,” London said.

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