DuBOIS — New programming at Saint Catherine of Siena Parish in DuBois will be developed this year thanks to funding from the Catholic Foundation of Northwest Pennsylvania, according to a press release.

A $2,600 grant will help purchase technological equipment to allow for PowerPoint presentations on site, as well as Zoom meetings to and from the parish for small group discussions, faith formation, and pastoral planning. The new equipment will also improve the live streaming Sunday Mass, funerals, and other liturgies, positively impacting audiences from confirmation students to community members unable to attend Mass in person.

This grant from the Catholic Foundation is possible because of donations to the Foundation’s Education Endowment. “Endowments help to ensure the future of our Catholic faith in northwest Pennsylvania,” says Lisa Louis, executive director of the Foundation. “Donations to foundation endowments are welcome at any time in any amount to help build resources for the future of our Catholic community. This is a great example of how the generosity of donors can make a lasting impact.”

The Catholic Foundation of Northwest Pennsylvania is guided by Catholic values and investment principles. Visit www.MyCatholicFoundation.org to learn more.

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