CLEARFIELD — The Clearfield County Chamber of Commerce warned members on Thursday afternoon of a possible scam.

An unknown individual called a member of the chamber and claimed to be the “Chamber of Commerce.” The individual reportedly called the Clearfield County Historical Society and asked how many paid employees the business had.

Chamber Director Kim McCullough said unless you receive a call from her or Administrative Assistant Skylar Mione, it is not the Clearfield County Chamber of Commerce.

McCullough said she was not sure why the caller would ask that particular question unless they were attempting to get money from members somehow.

“Somebody must be scamming, I don’t know,” McCullough added.

She said the question of how many paid employees are at your business is on the member application because they use the number to determine how much money to allocate to that member.

McCullough said the phone call was reported to the chamber around the lunch hour on Thursday and an email was sent to Chamber of Commerce members immediately.

“We just wanted to warn our members (of the scam),” McCullough said.

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