gateway outdoors coyote pic

This trail camera remained as a silent sentry in the same spot for three months, and collected only one set of coyote images.

BROOKVILLE — Brookville Borough police department is on the hunt for a possibly rabid coyote that attacked a woman around midnight last night.

A night shift employee of Laurel Brook Landing, an assisted living facility, on Laurelbrook Drive off of Route 28, was attacked around midnight Sunday while she was walking in the area.

The animal attacked her from a nearby bush, biting her numerous times.

“She was just drenched in blood,” said Chief Vince Markle. “She got over 20 stitches and rabies vaccinations. She may even need reconstructive surgery.”

Police have described the animal as a medium sized canine that is gray and looks like a husky or coyote.

“I’ve worked here 20 years and I’ve seen two (coyotes, in that time). They’re usually pretty scarce animals around here unless they’re rabid,” said Markle, adding that if someone sees such an animal, especially if it looks sick, they shouldn’t approach it and should call the police department or PA Game Commission.

Brookville police can be reached at 814-849-5323, and the Game Commission officials at 814-432-3187 or 814-432-3188.

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