1st Ward

St. Marys Election 1st Ward reported that it was a slow primary election day Tuesday.

RIDGWAY — Elk County received a 15 percent voter turnout rate in its primary election, drawing just over 3,000 of its 19,000 voters to the polls.

All of the following results from Elk County, released online Tuesday night, remain as the unofficial election results.

Republican ticket

In Elk County, it was a tight race for candidate for U.S. Senate, with Jim Christiana taking just over 50 percent of the vote, Lou Barletta taking just over 48 percent, and almost one percent as write-ins.

Scott Wagner swept his two opponents in Elk County in his bid as Republican gubernatorial candidate, taking nearly 49 percent of the county’s votes.

The most highly contested race on both tickets, Jeff Bartos got Elk County’s nod for lieutenant governor, getting 41 percent of its votes in a race with three other candidates.

The Republican state committee chairman position will be determined as the late Dr. Maurus Sorg is on the ballot for the position and received just over 86 percent of the votes. One hundred sixty-four write-ins were cast, likely determining his replacement.

Democratic ticket

In Elk County, Democrats gave the nod to John Fetterman in his bid for lieutenant governor, giving him 56 percent of the county’s vote. Fetterman ran on the Democratic ticket against four other candidates.

On the Democratic ticket in Elk County, Susan Bouser received just over 66 percent of the vote in the race against Wade Jodun for a place on November’s ballot for Representative in Congress for the 15th District.

Locally, John M. Glantz was chosen as the Democratic committee member for Fox #1. The rest of the committee member positions for other districts were either uncontested or were subject to write-in votes.

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