FBI agents set up a base on Dents Run Road in Elk County while conducting a search Tuesday.

BENEZETTE — Agents from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (DCNR) set up a search area in a small Elk County village Tuesday.

The search was being conducted on Dents Run Road, off of Route 555, in the village of Dents Run, in Benezette Township.

FBI spokeswoman Nora Scheland, who was on site, said agents were conducting court authorized law enforcement activity.

“There is no threat to the public,” Scheland added.

WJAC-TV reported seeing members of the group Finders Keepers, a lost treasure location and recovery service, on site.

The group has believed for some time that they have found in Dents Run a lost Civil War gold shipment that went through northern Pennsylvania during the battle of Gettysburg.

According to the group’s website, in early June 1863 a Union wagon train left Wheeling, W.V. with 52 bars of gold, each weighing 50lb, which were meant to pay Union soldiers. The wagon train was to travel northeast through Pennsylvania to Ridgway and then head south east to Harrisburg. It made it to St. Marys and that was the last time it was seen. The wagons and dead solders were found later — but not the gold.

In 2012, Finders Keepers said it found the gold, but federal law kept them from digging for it.

Multiple attempts to contact Finders Keepers and DCNR were unsuccessful.

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