Wesley Lyons Jr.

BROCKWAY — Former Pittsburgh Steeler, author, and motivational speaker Wesley Lyons Jr. will be giving a presentation at Brockway Center for Arts & Technology at 4:30 p.m. Friday.

The event, which is free and open to the public, is titled “The Pursuit with Patience...Overcoming Obstacles.” The program is suited for anyone ages fifth grade and up.

“I had him come to Elk County Catholic last year to give a presentation to the students up there and it was very well received,” said Derek Hansen, BCAT’s pharmacy technician coordinator. “You don’t have to like football to get something out of what he is trying to convey.”

“His story is a little different, it doesn’t go from bad to good, it goes from good to great.”

Growing up in a split home in North Braddock, Pa., Lyons attended Woodland Hills High School. He went on a scholarship to West Virginia University, where he played football.

He would go on to be picked by the New York Jets for their off-season before being signed to play with the Pittsburgh Steelers where he was a wide receiver in 2011 and a tight end in 2012.

“My message is about positivity, planning and persistence. It’s all about patience as well. That’s my life and my story, whether it’s opening businesses to having success writing my book or in the NFL – it’s all about patience, positivity, planning and being persistent. And I’m going to relay that,” Lyons said in a phone interview with the CE.

During the day, Lyons will be working with the school’s adult job training programs.

Lyons believes his message has the ability to change lives.

“I love to spread this message and that is what I’ve been doing since my football days. I’m in DuBois and the area often – at least a few times a year. It’s always good to get back and be a part of what’s going on there,” he added.

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