Andrew, left, and Karen Mohney unpack thousands of eggs at their cafe in downtown St. Marys. 

ST. MARYS — Frohe Ostern!

As a new way to celebrate Easter, Karen Mohney, owner of Tablespoons Deli & Cafe, is organizing the decoration of the first German Easter egg tree in downtown St. Marys.

She happened upon the tradition on Facebook.

“I saw it over the weekend and I said, ‘we need to do that,’” said Mohney, who was in front of the St. Marys City council Monday seeking and being granted permission to hang thousands of Easter eggs on the tree across from her business.

“We have probably a little over 4,000 plastic eggs in our basement right now,” Mohney said with a big smile. “We’re going to egg the crap out of that tree.”

Her son, Andrew, added that a woman even came into the restaurant and donated the eggs she used to hang on the Easter egg tree in her front yard.

An “Egg Prep” work night will be held at the cafe today at 6 p.m., and the eggs are set to be hung on the tree Sunday at noon.

The origin of the tradition is centuries old, however historians say it has since been lost. Likely, the tradition is connected to the spring traditions of other cultures where the egg is a part of celebrations as it is an ancient symbol of life.

While they blow out real eggs in Germany and decorate them for the trees, an excited Karen said there is always time for the new tradition to grow and evolve.

The Guiness Book of World Records reports the record for the most eggs hung on a tree is currently held by the Associação Visite Pomerode which hung 82,404 painted hen eggs on a pecan tree. Pomerode in Brazil is known for its German roots and every year stages a festival called Osterfest during Easter time. They started collecting egg shells in April 2016 and painted all them with orange, yellow and green colors and took the title on March 16, 2017.

While Karen has dreams of making the new tradition bigger and better, for now she’s picked the biggest tree on the avenue, adding that it is visible from the Diamond.

She is also hopeful that if the project goes well this year it can spread to the other trees along Railroad Street and Erie Avenue with businesses sponsoring the decorated trees and helping to make it happen.

“I am so excited. We really want this to be a community event,” Mohney said.

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