CLEARFIELD — The Lawrence Township Board of Supervisors on Tuesday asked Clearfield Borough to pay up after a tax payment mistake was discovered.

Secretary Barbara Shaffner reported that the Keystone Collection Group, who collects the Local Services Tax, made a mistake and accidentally paid Clearfield Borough the LST taxes it collected from Appalachian Wood, which is located in the township.

The balance owed to the township from the borough is $23,695.22, Shaffner said.

The borough has asked the township if they could pay the money back in payments instead of all at once.

“I understand the possible predicament it would put the borough in to pay those funds in one lump sum,” Supervisor William Lawhead said. “But on the same token our budget was very, very tight this year and I think I would like to have the money (paid in full).”

Chairman Randy Powell said he agreed, and the supervisors unanimously passed a resolution requesting the borough pay the balance to the township.

In other business, Roadmaster Ron Woodling presented bids for a new truck/snowplow at a cost of roughly $80,000. Woodling said it would replace an older truck that the township is having reliability issues with. Supervisor Dan Mitchell asked if they could hold off on the purchase for a while.

“Do we really need another truck,” Mitchell asked.

Woodling said the current truck could last the winter – but it could die at any time.

“It is totally up to you,” Woodling said.

Lawhead said the township should wait because the budget is tight next year.

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