DuBOIS — At 1590 Kiwanis Trail is an oasis of sorts where Peggy Caruso has established her successful life coaching business.

Caruso is an executive and personal development coach, author and eight-time entrepreneur, offering executive coaching and personal development training.

“I feel like there’s a solution to every problem and I’m very good at helping people find those solutions and put a strategic plan of action in order,” said Caruso, who said that she has taken private phone calls at all hours to help people. “I like helping people and providing resolutions to their problems. I’m very good at building a great relationship with clients.”

As such, Caruso supports both individuals and groups to address challenges in their family and professional lives, by helping individuals and businesses balance career and family obligations, time and stress management, career change, leadership training, goal setting, family therapy, facilitation and much more.

A session includes goal setting, as well as giving people the tools they need to succeed in their lives, family, career, or business.

“We do a lot of leadership training, we have the indoor and the outdoor,” Caruso said. “We also offer the facility for small parties or for company events.”

Of her experience, she said she is also a euro-linguistics programming master practitioner, relaxation therapist, and has been interviewed by more than 50 radio stations about her skills.

“I’ve had several businesses, and I’m very entrepreneurial — I love it. I have really worked hard to build a a network of people, so I have people from all around the world that I have worked with,” Caruso said. “In the executive arena and the personal arena I have people from different states and countries.”

She added that clients needn’t come to the office for a coaching session. She can reach long distance clients by Skype or phone.

Aside from having private and comfortable indoor and outdoor facilities — with catering capabilities — for events, she also has a zero gravity, sensory deprivation float room and infrared sauna.

Caruso has written several books, three of which she has registered and trademarked.

“We want to let people know that we offer so many things and to know that we’re here,” Caruso added.

For more information visit — lifecoachingandbeyond.com.

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