MAHAFFEY — Mahaffey Borough Municipal Authority approved the purchase of a new pump at Tuesday’s rescheduled meeting.

Members authorized buying a new pump from RAM Industrial Services of Carrolltown at a cost of $6,189 to use as a spare pump. There will be an eight-week turnaround from the time the pump is ordered to when it is received, members said.

The current pump at the station was recently inspected by RAM and an accompanying report suggested several repairs or refurbishments to the pump’s components. Members approved having the existing pump in the station refurbished or replaced depending on the cost to revamp the pump. President Ed Depp said if the cost of the restoration is more than half the cost of a new pump he believed it would be in the best interest of the authority just to purchase a new one for a backup.

Delinquent bills

The board heard Secretary Barbara Markle note that she reported at the October meeting, 15 customers had delinquent bills, with several owing more than $500. She said since that time, all but three have begun paying down their past-due bills.

“They are getting pretty well caught up,” Markle said.

Wastewater treatment

The board received a report from plant operator Roy “Butch” Markle. He said earlier this month, the plant had three inches of rain over a two-day period. The plant’s equipment was able to manage and treat the inflow. Because of the deluge of water, Markle said, “I am a firm believer there are still sump pumps and floor drains connected to the system.”

Markle also reported that the 2018 monthly payment booklets would be mailed out the first part of December.

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