ST. MARYS — Mayor Lou Radkowski and City Council will be hosting a workshop today at 7 p.m. at City Hall.

With the future of downtown St. Marys in mind, the goal of the meeting is to create an opportunity to partner with the citizens and business owners as a strategy is designed for the economic development of downtown and the city as a whole.

While residents will be welcome to guide the conversation, Yadskowski said some of the topics that are likely to be discussed are what to do with the empty spaces in downtown St. Marys and ideas about the proposed park and green space near the parking garage.

“At Monday’s meeting, we’ll be focusing on what people want from our downtown. We need to know that before we make other decisions,” said Radkowski, who said the question is one that had been posed by Councilman Chris Pletcher.

“I want to makes sure our downtown is a vibrant place where people can recreate, eat, work, and play,” added Radkowski who is hopeful to have some photos of other downtowns to stoke the conversation of what resonates with people.

The forum is part of a new structure at city council meetings which was discussed about four years ago.

The Chamber of Commerce, the Redevelopment Authority, and key City Hall staff have been invited to attend as a resource for information to explore how the cut can grow successfully for citizens and businesses alike. The new workshop format stems from Mayor Radkowski and Council’s desire to openly discuss issues like this in a true workshop format.

This is the second time the city has held a public forum in an effort to engage the public to guide development and progress in the city.

“We’re working toward cultivating a newfound community engagement and pride and empowering people to get involved,” Radkowski said. “We all need to row together because I think we all want to be in a better spot with our downtown.”

For more information contact City Hall’s Public Relations Officer Hannah Brock at or at 814-781-1718 ext.247.

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