CLEARFIELD — Clearfield County will likely end up footing the medical bills of an inmate who was assaulted by another inmate at the jail, reported Warden Greg Collins at yesterday’s meeting of the Clearfield County Prison Board.

On Jan. 21, an inmate allegedly punched and broke the nose of another inmate at the jail, Collins said.

The matter has been turned over to the Lawrence Township Police Department, Collins said.

Collins said the victim will likely need surgery and said he is still formulating a plan on how to deal with it.

He said he doesn’t yet know how much the medical bills will cost. Collins said if the suspect is convicted of a crime, the court could order him to pay restitution to the county for the medical bills, but he said usually these defendants don’t have much money so they pay it off with small installments over a long period of time.

In other business, Collins reported the jail was recently notified by its collection agency that it no longer wants to perform the work of collecting housing fees on former inmates. The collection agency was paid a percentage of the money it collected. Collins said the collections agency didn’t give a reason for discontinuing the service, but he suspects it is because it decided the money they collected isn’t worth their time and effort.

Collins said the jail collects very little money from former inmates.

Instead, Collins suggested the jail start charging inmates a $25 booking fee. He said the Elk County Jail charges its inmates a $25 booking fee and about half of their inmates pay it.

Ammerman said they would look into the matter and also asked Collins to check with other surrounding counties to see what collection agencies they use.

Collins also reported that the jail continues to be at capacity with 160 inmates and there are currently eight inmates placed in the Jefferson County Jail because they don’t have room for them at CCJ.

The housing report for January is as follows: The census started with 153 inmates, 145 were committed, 141 were released, there was an average daily population of 157 and the jail ended the month with 151 inmates. There were 4,880 prisoner days served.

Under the Intermediate Punishment Program there were 22 inmates on home detention for 460 days, 30 on supervised bail for 676 days for a total incarceration days saved of 1,136.

The county paid Jefferson County $22,740 to house Clearfield County inmates in the Jefferson County Jail in January.

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