LUTHERSBURG — The Brady Township Board of Supervisors took care of several routine items at the regular February meeting. Chairman Charlie Muth said a line permit for the railroad crossing at the intersection of routes 219 and 322 has been submitted and should be approved soon.

Sewage system

The process of building a sewage system continues to move forward with a pre-construction meeting planned. The meeting will be at 10:30 a.m. on Wednesday, Feb. 28, at the township office. Once the final details are in place, Muth said he expects the project to get underway.

Bridge replacement

Muth also said in a meeting with representatives from the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT), the department announced that in 2020 it will plan to replace a bridge on Route 410. He said details are not complete and the project could result in a detour but he is hopeful the work can be done while the road remains open.

Fire department report

Chief of the volunteer fire company Russ Perks reported the company had responded to nine calls in January. He also said 20 volunteers had recently completed the Hazardous Materials (HASMAT) training.

Solid Waste Authority

The Board voted to join the Clearfield County Solid Waste Authority at a cost of $500. The authority will now have the power to deal with improperly disposed of solid waste including things like electronics.

Miller reappointed

In other actions, the Board voted to reappoint Emma Miller to the Park and Recreation Board, after her current appointment expired. The appointment will continue for five years.

Subdivision accepted

Finally, the supervisors voted to accept the John and Susan Hanzley subdivision on Salem Road. The plan will now go to the Clearfield County Planning Commission for approval.

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