DuBOIS — The worst of it had passed by mid-afternoon, but by then yesterday’s snowstorm had already exacted its toll: roads were caked in snow, complicating travel.

The National Weather Service received its first reports of snow at 4:30 Wednesday morning from the DuBois Regional Airport. By 9, the NWS had received reports of two and half inches of snow accumulating in the region.

The snow briefly gave way to a wintry mix before noon, but resumed in the afternoon as temperatures continued to drop.

“The worst of the storm has just about passed,” NWS Forecaster Mike Dangelo said yesterday around 1 p.m.

DuBois City Manager Herm Suplizio said plows first hit the streets Wednesday at about 7 a.m. and continued to plow throughout the day. He said plows focus first on clearing paths to the hospital and schools, then main roads and finally side streets.

“The guys we have plowing do an excellent job,” he said.

In response to the weather, the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation temporarily reduced speed limits on several roads throughout the north central region. In Clearfield, Centre, and Clinton counties, the speed limit on I-80 was reduced by nearly half to 45 miles per hour.

In a press release, PennDOT noted that while snow plows would be tending to the roads throughout the day, their goal was to keep roads passable, not to completely remove ice and snow.

The weather also prompted the closure of the DuBois Area School District for the day, as well as the rifle match and gymnastics clinic scheduled for after school.

In Curwensville, Borough Council President Sarah Curulla to issued a snow emergency in response to the weather. In announcing the emergency, the borough asked all residents and businesses to keep their vehicles off the streets so that snow might be removed.

The press release for the emergency noted that the borough could tow vehicles impeding snow removal or emergency service access.

The Clearfield County Department of Emergency Services said dispatchers received 11 reports of car accidents Wednesday.

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