DuBOIS – Pat Dodds has visited every county in eight different states since 2012, all without leaving the comfort of his home in Seattle, Washington. He’s making his way through Pennsylvania now, and just yesterday stopped by Clearfield County.

Drawing from online resources like the National Register of Historic Places and Wikipedia, Dodds pens trip reports on each county he “visits” for his self-described virtual travel blog.

States with a mix of rural and urban counties like Pennsylvania, he said, are perfect to write about.

Dodds, a retired teacher and former journalist, said he was inspired to start the blog after taking a road trip with his son through all of Iowa’s 99 counties.

“I don’t have the time or money to see every state and every county, so the idea was to do an online thing,” he said.

Dodds said he publishes a new report every week or two. Each includes basic information on a county – like population and geography – in addition to tourist destinations, historical buildings and other factoids.

His dissection of Pennsylvania started in Erie County and will end in Philadelphia.

In his post on Clearfield County, he noted the proper way to pronounce “DuBois,” and made mention of Denny’s Beer Barrel in Clearfield.

He will “travel” next to Centre County. As for what state comes next, he didn’t say.

He generally takes the number of counties and historical places into consideration.

“Someday I’d like to do Texas,” he said. “Other than that I have not decided on what to do next.”

Dodds said he hopes his readers will be inspired to travel themselves. His work can be read at everycounty.org.

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