BIG RUN — London’s Country Creamery has found great success at its new location in Big Run, but owner Lisa London is missing some of her regulars from her previous location.

“That was my biggest fear of moving, was losing those customers,” London said. “I love the people, I love visiting with people, and I love making them stuff. And the best thing, the kid’s faces when their eyes light up and they’re clapping. They’re so excited to see their ice cream.”

London said this new location along Route 119 in Big Run, at the old Vic’s Nic Nac Paddy Shack, will be a permanent location. She wants to make this clear since she has moved locations every year since opening three years ago.

The creamery was originally set up in her front yard the first year. Last year she had the trailer set up next to Biggie’s Meats, and had more customers, but it still wasn’t right. When the paddy shack building went up for sale, she immediately reached out about buying it.

The stand was previously Mason’s Creamery, and sat across from Walmart in Punxsutawney. London feels this new location has been good for previous Punxsutawney customers to stop by.

“It’s much better because there’s walking traffic from people in Big Run, it’s closer for Punxsy people, and still not that far for the Troutville and Sykesville customers,” London said.

She said she has even had people come as far from Brockway and Marion Center to her stand because they heard it was good ice cream.

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The paddy shack building has also given London new storage space she hasn’t had before.

“I really didn’t have a way of storing everything, and so I didn’t buy that far ahead. Now, I can get truckloads, and it’s really nice to have the storage and not be running back and forth from my house,” she said.

In the new space, she has been able to expand and do more food from the stand as well. She offers sandwiches throughout the day like hot sausage and meatball subs. London is still learning what all the building can be used for, but knows this is the creamery’s new home.

The only problem London has found is she doesn’t know if the increase in business is solely from the location change, or in part because of people being eager to leave home and do something after being at home for the shutdown.

“I don’t know whether being so busy from the moment we opened is because of the location, or because people were ready to get out of their house and have a treat. It might have just been a little bit of both. I’m looking forward to seeing how the whole summer goes,” London said.

She believes part of the difference is that traffic goes slower in town, there are signs telling people she is there, and plenty of places to turn around if driver’s decide they want to stop.

London is open and ready to see new and old customers alike at her stand, and hopes some of her regulars find their way to her new location along Route 119 in Big Run.

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