Angeletti and Chase

Pictured is Tammy Angeletti, a cowboy mounted shooting competitor, riding her horse, Chase. Angeletti recently traveled to the World’s Competition in Amarillo, Texas.

LUTHERSBURG — A Clearfield County cowgirl and her horse, Chase, have just returned from the cowboy mounted shooting world’s competition.

Luthersburg’s Tammy Angeletti competes in the equestrian sport in which the rider negotiates a shooting pattern, using a single-action revolver to break balloons with burning embers.

Mounted shooters compete in full “cowgirl” attire, and are timed as they negotiate the patterns in a certain order.

Angeletti headed to Amarillo, Texas, on Oct. 17, where she finished second in her class of 10 riders, and 62nd of 340 shooters, she said.

“I shot clean, which means I shot all 50 of 50 balloons,” she said. “There was another Pennsylvania shooter in my class, but the rest were from out west, and I had never competed against any of them but her.”

Angeletti competes three or four weekends out of the month, and has traveled to nine states to do so. She is a “level 5” competitor in the senior ladies division and has been crowned champion multiple times. She was the “Pennsylvania Overall Cowgirl” in 2014 and 2015, having the most points in the state, and has won 17 belt buckles over the years.

Angeletti started shooting rifle this past season, too, and has been competing in shotgun for several years as well, where the competitor shoots the first five targets with their pistol, then uses a double-barrel shotgun to shoot two clusters of balloons.

She was nervous for stage 5, or the “final stage” of the competition, Angeletti said.

“The competition was extremely tough, as I was running with the best in the world,” she said.

She loves many things about the cowboy shooting sport, including the friendly and giving community it encompasses, and the adrenaline rush of the sport itself, Angeletti says.

By the looks of it, Angeletti plans to keep her gun in hand, not slowing down when it comes to a sport she loves.

“I would love to go back and compete again at World’s,” she said.

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