CLEARFIELD — A Curwensville man pleaded guilty Wednesday at Centralized Court at the Clearfield County Jail after police reported he was sitting on random porches in the middle of the night on the 100-block of Nichols Street, Clearfield, and talking to Halloween decorations.

Trevor Allen Anderson, 21, was charged with loitering and prowling at night time (a misdemeanor of the third degree), criminal mischief — tampering with property, theft of services — acquisition of services and disorderly conduct hazardous/physical offense, the latter three charges of which were summary offenses.

In front of District Judge James Glass on Wednesday, Anderson had the loitering and prowling at night time and the disorderly conduct hazardous/physical offense charges withdrawn, but pled guilty to the two summary offenses of criminal mischief — tampering with property and theft of services — acquisition of services.

According to the affidavit of probable cause, Clearfield Borough Police were dispatched for a suspicious male at a Nichols Street home on Oct. 30. The man was on the porch of the home and then took off running toward Sheetz when the victim called 911.

Police spoke with the two residents of the home and said they woke up and heard a man talking on their porch. One of the residents exited the home to see what was going on and spoke with the male, who was later identified as Anderson.

Anderson then heard they were calling the police, grabbed his cell phone that he had plugged into the home’s outlet and jumped over the banister. Anderson then fell in mud and took off running toward Sheetz.

The residents stated their screen door was damaged and a lamp on the porch was broken, stating they did not who Anderson was at the time but said he appeared to be in his early 20s. They also found a pair of black Vans shoes on the porch, along with a pack of Pall Mall cigarettes and an empty syringe.

Police later received a call from another nearby Nichols Street resident and said Anderson was on their porch between 3:30-4 a.m., appeared to be under the influence and was talking to Halloween decorations. Anderson then left toward Williams Street and both neighbors described Anderson with the same clothing.

Police then had contact with Anderson later that morning and he was still wearing the same clothes that neighbors had described.

Anderson will pay $30 restitution plus other fines/costs.

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