DuBOIS — DuBois woman Sue Greathouse recently received the gift a lifetime — her 1972 class ring that she lost in the Clarion River 48 years ago.

Greathouse said she was a junior at DuBois Area High School in May of 1972. She can remember getting her class ring, which she had for two weeks and wore to her junior prom.

“The day after prom, almost the whole class went to Cook Forest for the day,” she said. “We went rafting. My ring slipped off my finger and went to the bottom of the Clarion River.”

So, when Greathouse recently got a Facebook message from a man in Richardsville, she was shocked.

“He found something of mine, and wanted to return it,” she said. “I thought, ‘How on earth did he track me down?’”

Hank Fritsch told her he found the ring using an underwater metal detector, Greathouse says. Her initials at the time — SLK — were engraved on the inside, as well as her class year at DAHS.

“He went online to our yearbook, looking at who would have those initials, and narrowed it down to me,” she said.

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Greathouse said she was in total disbelief that not only a man found this ring she lost 48 years ago, but how genuinely excited he was to return it back to her.

Greathouse says an unexpected friendship has come out of this experience, with the two chatting back and forth.

Greathouse and Fritsch found that they are both registered nurses, and have since become friends.

“There are several things that we have in common, we found through our conversation,” she said.

Fritsch recently presented the ring to Greathouse in a decorated box, she said, and was very excited to give it back to her.

“He didn’t have to return it back to me,” she said. “I couldn’t believe his honesty and kindness.”

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