PUNXSUTAWNEY — A Mayport woman is facing a felony charge for allegedly endangering the welfare of a three-month-old child.

Punxsutawney-based state police filed charges against Anna Marie Strawcutter, 21, of Mayport, on Feb. 8, including one felony charge for endangering the welfare of children, and two misdemeanor charges for harassment and simple assault.

According to an affidavit of probable cause, police were dispatched to the Punxsutawney Area Hospital for an incident of possible child abuse.

When police arrived, they allegedly observed bruising on the three-month-old victim’s left arm, left leg, and an unknown red mark on the victim’s back. Police reported the bruising was consistent with being physically squeezed or struck, according to the affidavit.

Initially, Strawcutter allegedly said she was unaware of the bruises, but later admitted to striking the victim in the back with an open hand an unknown number of times. She also allegedly admitted to squeezing the victim’s leg and arm.

She told police this was because she was unable to console the victim.

Police also noted the victim had a distinct rectangular bruise that is believed to have been caused by a clamp that was taken from the location of the incident, and later entered into evidence, according to the affidavit.

Strawcutter was held in the Jefferson County Jail until posting bail on Feb. 11 of $10,000 at 10 percent. She does not have a preliminary hearing scheduled yet.

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