BROOKVILLE — The Brookville Church of God ended its Mega Sports camp with an ice cream party and evening of sports Friday.

Parents were welcomed to the church to spend the evening watching their children play the sport of their choice. The youngsters got the chance to show what they had learned during the week of camp.

All of the coaches for the sports are volunteers from the church, and have often worked with the sport with their own children before.

The church has about 50 children attend the event each year, and find many of them to come from outside of the church for the camp.

“I would say a majority of the kids are from outside… We have a lot of kids that come back every year,” Patty Burdge said.

The children went inside the church to cool off after playing their sports. While inside, the children sang the songs they had learned that week for their parents. They also tallied up all the money the children had raised during the week. Some of the volunteers were setting up the bowls of ice cream and fixings outside for them while they were inside.

“It takes a lot of work and a lot of help to put this all together,” Burdge said.

This year included a competition between the boys and girls to see who collect the most money. There was a bit of confusion halfway through the week, so it was unclear who the winner was. Whichever group won was going to have a pie thrown in the face of one of the coaches. Since it was unclear who the winner was, both coaches agreed to take a pie in the face, which the children appeared happy to hear.

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“The deaf school is the real winner,” Burdge said.

The money collected will be sent to the Deaf School for Hope and Life in Christ in the Dominican Republic. The church has been helping this school for many years and members have taken several mission trips to the school.

The children managed to collect a total of $309 during the course of the week. That will convert to about 15,834 pesos for the school.

Burdge explained the school has built its main building and cafeteria and is now working on building housing. This will ensure students don’t have to walk to the school daily for lessons.

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