Mold issues have been plaguing school districts throughout the state, not just those in the DuBois Area School District.

Thursday, the DuBois Area High School was closed “until further notice” due to indoor air quality concerns in 14 classrooms, the swimming pool area and cafeteria, according to Superintendent Luke Lansberry.

The district has cited the issue as resulting from the area’s significant rainfall over the past several days which resulted in elevated humidity conditions in the high school.

A search of the Internet quickly reveals other school districts struggling to deal with mold concerns inside their buildings.

Mold issues caused delays and closures in several school districts in western Pennsylvania, including Pine-Richland, Plum Borough and Shaler, at the end of August. In Centre County, State College Area School District facilities were also found to harbor mold as the school year approached. In the eastern part of the state, Upper Perkiomen High School students have an unexpected week off because of mold issues in the building.

But most schools in the Tri-County Area seem to be dealing with the heat — and the mold — fairly well.

Brockway Area School District Superintendent Jeff Vizza said that district has not had any mold issues so far.

Though the district is no more immune to mold problems than anyone else, Vizza said it’s important to remain vigilant.

“One thing that we do, which I commend the maintenance department for, is that they keep fans circulating throughout the building all day long as well as dehumidifiers. They are pretty proactive with that. They have done that for many years. It makes sense. We just try to stay up on the humidity. If you see anything, treat it as quickly as possible.”

Brookville Area School District Superintendent Robin Fillman said that district has not had any issues, either.

“We’re not anticipating any issues with mold,” she said.

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