Jason Armagost

Mudbeard’s Bikes and Boards Owner Jason Armagost works on repairing a bike in his Main Street shop.

RIDGWAY — While stores are experiencing a shortage in bicycles due to COVID-19, Mudbeard’s Bikes and Boards is fully stocked.

Jason Armagost opened his shop at 152 Main St. in May 2019, and says it’s “busier than ever” right now.

The pandemic has caused people to get outdoors more often, Armagost says, and many turned to bicycling. People who were unable to go to the gym resorted to outdoor exercise, and biking is an enjoyable family activity while children are home from school.

Armagost says he is “very lucky” to have high-quality brand bikes for adults and children still in stock. Part of the issue, he says, is also coming from shipping delays.

There is a shortfall in repair parts, too, since people are digging out old bikes from 15-20 years ago that need fixed and bringing them in, Armagost noted. He searches for parts online for a couple of hours each day, and has even used refurbished parts for bike repairs.

“I’m happy to see a renewed energy into bicycling,” he said. “I hope people stick with it.”

Armagost also offers custom-made skateboards, made just for the person riding them. For example, one for a child wouldn’t move as fast as one for an adult.

“It’s suited to what the person is doing,” he said.

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The idea for this came about when Ridgway’s new skate park was installed, Armagost notes.

Amagost worked on bikes when Country Squirrel Outfitters was still in town, he says, but always wanted to own his own shop.

“I always worked on my own bike,” he said.

His oldest son has a passion for bikes, too, and is working on providing bike racks and public repair stations in town for his Eagle Scout project.

It’s also one of Armagost’s passions to work with local groups about incorporating more bike trails, promoting the Pennsylvania Wilds and health benefits of bicycling.

The shop also offers scooters at certain times, bicycle and skateboard parts, repairs and accessories.

For more information, visit Mudbeard’s Bikes and Boards on Facebook or call 814-594-8373.

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