DuBois Area School District School Police Officers recognized

Shown are Assistant Officer in Charge Dennis McFadden, Officer in Charge/ Director of School Safety Janice Bart and Officer Michael Miklic, who is a DuBois Area Middle School Police Officer.

DuBOIS — Saturday was National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day and staff at the DuBois Area Middle School took the day on Friday to recognize all of the School Police Officers.

National Law Enforcement Day is a day which encourages citizens to come together to show appreciation to their local law enforcement agencies.

The school staff hosted a breakfast for the SPOs to honor them for the day.

“They (SPOs) go above and beyond daily to ensure the safety of our students and staff,” according to a statement posted on the DAMS Parent Teacher Student Association Facebook Page. “We would like to thank our DuBois Martin’s for supporting our school police officers’ breakfasts.”

Additionally, various members of the community recognized Pennsylvania State Police, the DuBois City Police Department and Sandy Township Police Department in the DuBois area on Friday with deliveries of lunch and other treats.

National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day was created by multiple organizations in 2015 to express their gratitude for officers in the United States, according to its website.

In support of their services, citizens are encouraged to do their part in thanking the law enforcers on this day, the website stated. One of the main organizations to take the lead in this is C.O.P.S – Concerns of Police Survivors. According to them, law enforcement officers need to be shown that the difficult career path they have chosen is recognized by the people who they protect and uphold the law for.

“This holiday was triggered by the chain of events in 2014, when a police officer was involved in a crossfire shooting in Missouri,” the NLEA website stated. “The backlash and violence that followed this event led C.O.P.S to take the initiative to change this negative portrayal of police officers in the news in recent years into a positive one. With over 900,000 officers in the United States, the organization believes it is essential to support law enforcers during difficult times, and a holiday dedicated to them does just that. The day also raises awareness on the importance of understanding that the difficult decisions taken by police officers are in the best interest of citizens and the law.”

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