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DuBOIS — As the 2021 DuBois Area United Way campaign kicks off, Co-Chairmen Mike Nesbit and Ryan Carr are ready to take on the challenge of raising $350,000 for the less fortunate of the area, according to Executive Director John “Herm” Suplizio.

“I want to give a special thanks to Mike and Ryan for taking time out of their busy schedule to take on this task, in addition to everyone else who is working on the campaign,” said Suplizio. “We just need to get the community to step up hopefully so we can reach our goal to help the less fortunate for the entire DuBois area.”

Without the community’s support, Suplizio said it would be impossible for the United Way to reach its goal every year.

“So no matter how small your pledge, please donate to help out the people in the area who need your support. One dollar a pay goes a very long way to help the needy,” said Suplizio.

Both Nesbit and Carr, who are employed at Swift Kennedy and Associates, have been United Way board members for several years and volunteered to be co-chairmen this year.

“It’s an important way for me to stay involved in the community,” said Nesbit. “Ever since I moved here, Herm was one of the first people I met when I moved here, as well as a lot of others who were involved in the community. So it sort of led to me becoming involved in the community. To me, it’s important. I had a lot of good mentors, I guess, when it came to that. So I just want to continue to do it.”

“That was my intent as well, to get involved with the community and make an impact,” said Carr.

Though reaching the United Way’s goal is a challenge every year, this year will likely prove to be even more difficult because of the pandemic.

“All over the place, fundraisers have been getting canceled,” said Carr. “We’ve had our two biggest fundraisers canceled — the Steelers basketball game and the Wing Fling. It’s also a tough time financially for individuals and businesses.”

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“I think that makes it even more important that we reach goal because there’s so many people that have been affected by this pandemic,” said Nesbitt. “I think particularly the people that we try to help. Our fundraisers have been canceled, their fundraisers have been canceled. So it’s even more important that we reach goals so that we can continue to help them because they’re needing help this year.”

The co-chairmen hope to get the pledge cards out earlier this year to businesses and individuals.

“We rely heavily on people that are on the board to pass out the cards, go into the businesses, and talk to corporations,” said Carr.

“This is certainly a team effort by everybody on the board, and we’re just the two who are leading,” said Nesbit.

The DuBois Area United Way is a fundraising organization that raises money for non-profits. People can have a donation taken right out of their pay checks. Payroll deduction really makes a difference, said Suplizio. That $1 or $10 a pay check can be a lot for some people, but it can make a big difference in someone else’s life.

The United Way member agencies include: Agape Community Services, American Red Cross (DuBois), ARC – Recreation and Respite Club, Brockway Schools and Community Education Fund, Bucktail Council (Boy Scouts of America), Camp Confidence, Catholic Charities Counseling and Adoption Services, Children’s Aid Society, Clearfield County Area Agency on Aging Inc., Clearfield County League on Social Services Inc., Clearfield Society for Handicapped and Disabled Citizens, Cultural Resources Inc. – Reitz Theatre, Dickinson Mental Health Center’s Autism Center, DuBois Area Fireman’s Training, DuBois Area Honor Guard, DuBois Area YMCA, DuBois Ministerial Food Pantry, DuBois Public Library, Parkside Community Center, Girl Scouts Western Pennsylvania, Lifespan Family Services, Mengle Memorial Library, Mid-State Literacy Council Inc., Passages Inc., The Salvation Army and Young People Who Care (Marian House); and Guardian Angel Center.

The agency serves portions of Clearfield and Jefferson counties, including the City of DuBois, the boroughs of Falls Creek, Reynoldsville, Sykesville, Brockway and Troutville and the townships of Bloom, Brady, Huston, Sandy, Union, Winslow, Snyder, Washington and Polk.

Anyone wanting to know more about the DuBois Area United Way, to volunteer or to learn how they can make a donation can call Suplizio at 371-5011.

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