The executive committee of the North Central Regional Planning and Development Commission took a step forward on creating a strategic business plan at its meeting Nov. 28.

The committee approved an outline for the scope of work a potential consultant will be asked to perform when the task is put out to bid.

“Under this proposal, the North Central Executive Committee will seek professional services to partner with the North Central Management Team and Executive Committee and provide an in-depth analysis of operations at North Central,” according to the document. “The goal of the study will be to evaluate several factors that will ultimately determine the direction for North Central into the future.”

The approved document outlines a process through which North Central will evaluate a comprehensive range of its operations. It classifies analysis into the areas of organizational composition and assessment, essentially what the organization does and could be doing; financial issues, such as department and program level evaluation, overall organization health and potential funding sources; administration approaches, examining a choice between shared management or single-point authority; and marketing and public outreach.

A final analysis point focuses on drafting a final, overall plan.

“The Final Plan should outline specific goals, identify gaps in existing structure to meet these goals, establish a framework for success and an evaluation methodology all in an easy to understand document presented to the Executive Board and staff upon completion,” the document states.

Approval of a scope of work document was needed before funding to help pay for a consultant could be sought.

After funding is secured, the organization will issue a request for proposals to try to attract potential consultants.

The drafting of a strategic business plan comes in the wake of the organization’s losing regional workforce development contracts, and with them significant funding, as of July 1 of this year.

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