OHL — A small community staged a big celebration this weekend — Ohl Community Day.

The celebration has been a part of the community for about 25 years. It usually brings a couple of hundred people to the community. The event is the Ohl United Methodist Church’s biggest community reach out event each year.

The day begins with children’s activities including a small bounce house, bubbles, and yard games for the children at the Ohl United Methodist Church. During mid-afternoon, anyone in the parade starts to get ready for line up at the opposite end of town, and families start to set their chairs out to watch.

The parade is something that was added in recent years. It was just for the children to ride through town at first.

“We’ve had people tell us it’s better than Brookville’s and it’s better than Corsica’s,” Dean Hetrick joked of the parade.

Today, the parade is mostly made up of members of the community riding decorated golf carts and side-by-sides down the main road, and throwing candy to any children out to watch. There is always plenty of candy to go around. Hetrick had 40 pounds of candy just at his house for the parade.

Following the parade, everyone meets back at the church for a community dinner and entertainment. Everyone is encouraged to bring a covered dish to the dinner. The church provides the meat for the dinner each year.

There is always some form of entertainment, like a band or a talent show, during the dinner. This year the Needhams, a gospel music group, performed.

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“This is the most kids we’ve had here in years. Our kids are married and having kids now,” Hetrick said of the attendance this year.

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