DuBOIS — Oklahoma Elementary School received the High Achievement Award, which is presented through the Title One Division of Federal Programs, according to Principal Tammy Cook.

It’s an achievement for which Oklahoma has been recognized twice in the past five years, she said at a recent board meeting. Only 120 Pennsylvania schools are recognized annually.

Also, the High Five Character Development awards go to the Elementary Student Assistance Program.

“That’s where we focus on a specific character trait with all the students each month,” Cook said. “We work on things like fairness, respect.”

New this year is Cookies with Mrs. Cook, which sees her giving them a piece of paper when she sees them doing something good.

“Just like it says, they come and have cookies with me. We usually give that to about five to seven students a month and the little kids just love it,” Cook said. “Usually I ask them what kinds of cookies they like and chocolate chip seems to be the favorite.”

Another program involves establishing buddies between upper and lower grades, Cook said.

“That means they go up and help them,” she said. “We get some of the fifth-graders, fourth-graders going down helping the little kids. They play games sometimes with them. Sometimes it’s something physical, like an activity they’re doing with them. The teachers get together and work that out.”

Oklahoma also does Leveled Literacy Intervention Implementation, which other schools are doing as well, Cook said.

The Student Council also conducted a food drive.

“They counted the cans so that staff members didn’t have to do that,” Cook said. “It’s a good learning experience for them to do the counting and organizing for the food drive.”

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