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Mal Morris and the Oklahoma Tigers Midget Football Team are once again helping out Service Paws of Central Pennsylvania by collecting aluminum can tabs.

DuBOIS – “Service Paws” is their cause.

The Oklahoma Tigers Midget Football Team has helped out the organization in the past. Now, it’s encouraging others to do so, as well.

Service Paws of Central Pennsylvania, based in Altoona, Pa., describes itself as a non-profit, non-residential, community-based organization with the goal of helping people with disabilities, financially, obtain a service dog or help defray veterinary costs for those who use a service dog.

Mal Morris of DuBois, founder of the Oklahoma Tigers Midget Football Team, noted that a service dog can be costly – as much as $10,000.

He’s concerned that those needing the service dogs won’t be able to afford them.

“Where are they going to get that kind of money?” he asked. “Most people don’t have that kind of money.”

In the past, the Oklahoma Tigers collected aluminum cans for Service Paws.

“If it’s aluminum, we’ll take it,” Morris said.

The redemption of aluminum soda/beer can tabs is one of the ways Service Paws raises money, according to its brochure.

Last year, the Oklahoma Tigers collected 170 pounds of whole soda pop cans for Service Paws. The cans were crushed at a salvage yard, and the $68 in proceeds from the cans was donated to Service Paws.

“Every little bit helps,” Morris commented.

Morris and the Oklahoma Tigers, who are once again collecting cans and tabs for the organization, encourage others to help out by collecting cans or making a cash donation to Service Paws.

He even offers to take the cans to a salvage yard for anyone needing assistance.

“They can bring them to us or we’ll go get them,” he said.

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He can be reached at (814) 371-8058.

Service Paws states that its goal is to educate the public on how service dogs serve and assist their human partners in need. It notes that service dogs improve people’s quality of life by “allowing those they serve to lead more independent lives” and “enable the individual to become a productive member of society despite their disability or limitations.”

Morris said Service Paws is willing to bring service dogs to the area to demonstrate them to the different schools or organizations.

Service Paws can be reached at (814) 944-1431.

Billie Witherow, treasurer of Service Paws, said the organization was happy to receive the donation from the football team in DuBois.

“We were thrilled with that,” Witherow commented. “We were so impressed with that.”

This fall will be the 57th season for the Oklahoma Tigers Midget Football Team.

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